Accepted Papers


Full Papers

  • Trevor Bench-Capon, Henry Prakken, Adam Zachary Wyner, Katie Atkinson, "Argument schemes for Reasoning with Legal Cases Using Values"
  • Guido Boella, Marijn Janssen, Joris Hulstijn, Llio Humphreys, Leendert van der Torre, "Managing Legal Interpretation in Regulatory Compliance"
  • Isabella Distinto, Nicola Guarino, Claudio Masolo, "A well-founded ontological framework for modeling personal income tax"
  • Davide Gianfelice, Leonardo Lesmo, Monica Palmirani, Daniele Perlo, Daniele P. Radicioni, "Modificatory Provisions Detection: a Hybrid NLP Approach"
  • Laura Giordano, Alberto Martelli, Daniele Theseider Dupré, "Temporal Deontic Action Logic for the Verification of Compliance to Norms in ASP"
  • Guido Governatori, Francesco Olivieri, Antonino Rotolo, Simone Scannapieco, "Legal Contractions: A Logical Analysis"
  • Guido Governatori, Monica Palmirani, Tara Athan, Harold Boley, Adrian Paschke, Adam Wyner, "LegalRuleML"
  • Matthias Grabmair, Kevin D. Ashley, "Using Event Progression to Enhance Purposive Argumentation in the Value Judgment Formalism"
  • Marc Lauritsen, "On Balance"
  • Antonio Mastropaolo, Francesco Pallante, Daniele P. Radicioni, "Legal Documents Categorization by Compression"
  • Antonino Rotolo, Serena Villata, Fabien Gandon, "A Deontic Logic Semantics for Licenses Composition in the Web of Data"
  • Zaher Salah, Frans Coenen, Davide Grossi, "Extracting Debate Graphs from Parliamentary Transcripts: A Study Directed at UK House of Commons Debates"
  • Mihai Surdeanu, Sara Jeruss, "Identifying Patent Monetization Entities"
  • Tran Thi Oanh, Nguyen Le Minh,Akira  Shimazu, "Reference Resolution in Legal Texts"
  • Marc van Opijnen, "A Model for Automated Rating of Case Law"
  • Charlotte S. Vlek, Henry Prakken, Silja Renooij, Bart Verheij, "Modeling Crime Scenarios in a Bayesian Network"
  • Tomasz Zurek, Michał Araszkiewicz, "Modeling teleological interpretation"
Research Abstracts
  • Michał Araszkiewicz, Agata Łopatkiewicz, Adam Zienkiewicz, "Factor-Based Parent Plan Support System"
  • Kevin D. Ashley, Vern R. Walker , "Toward Constructing Evidence-Based Legal Arguments Using Legal Decision Documents
    and Machine Learning"
  • Michal Chalamish, Moshe Hazoom, Uri J. Schild, "Semi-Automatic Creation of Wigmore Diagrams"
  • Jack G. Conrad, John Zeleznikow, The Significance of Evaluation in AI and Law: A Case Study Re-examining ICAIL Proceedings
  • Michael Curtotti, Eric McCreath, Srinivas Sridharan, "Software Tools for the Visualization of Definition Networks in Legal Contracts"
  • Tingting Li, Tina Balke, Marina De Vos, Julian Padget, Ken Satoh, "A Model-based Approach to the Automatic Revision of Secondary Legislation"
  • Doris Liebwald, "Vagueness in Law. A Stimulus for 'Artificial Intelligence & Law'"
  • Nada Mimouni, Meritxell Fernandez-Barrera, Adeline Nazarenko, Daniele Bourcier, Sylvie Salotti, "A Relational Approach for Information Retrieval on XML Legal Sources
  • Katsumi Nitta, Shumpei Kubosawa, Kei Nishina, Masaki Sugimoto, Shogo Okada, "A Discussion Training Support System and Its Evaluation"
  • Gordon J. Pace, Fernando Schapachnik, "Synthesising Implicit Contracts"
  • Anna Ronkainen, "Intelligent Trademark Analysis: Experiments in Large-Scale Evaluation of Real-World Legal AI"
  • Antonino Rotolo, Regis Riveret, Didac Busquets, Giuseppe Contissa, Giovanni Sartor, "Vicarious Reinforcement and Ex Ante Law Enforcement: A Study in Norm-Governed Learning Agents"
  • Radboud Winkels, Jochem Douw, Sara Veldhoen, "Experiments in Automated Support for Argument Reconstruction"
Demo Abstracts
  • Guido Boella, Luigi Di Caro, Daniele Rispoli, Livio Robaldo, "A System for Classifying Multi-label Text into EuroVoc"
  • Thomas Gordon, "Introducing the Carneades Web Application"
  • Guido Governatori, Sidney Shek, "Business Process Compliance Checker"
  • Luc Ferrand, Isabelle Pesquié-Geday, "Hammurabi, the legal expert assistant platform for the French Judge: How to deliver up to date knowledge of national and European laws and regulations in front of rapid expansion of legal information and decisions, with an automated software assistant"
  • Jop Hofste, Hans Henseler, Maurice van Keulen, "Computer assisted extraction, merging and correlation of identities with Tracks Inspector"
  • Adam Zachary Wyner, Maya Wardeh, Katie Atkinson, Trevor Bench-Capon, "Argumentation Based Tools for Policy-Making"
Friday the 22nd. ICAIL 2013, Rome, 10-14 June
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